Your Zero-Waste Guide To Bangkok

Going plastic free and zero waste can seem like a daunting undertaking when excessive plastic packaging is so prevalent in many supermarkets and shops here in Bangkok. 

To make your life a little easier when trying to be more environmentally friendly, here are our top spots for zero-waste shopping and food delivery here in Bangkok.

GroceriesZero Moment

Zero moment sells a wide selection of package-free grains, dried fruits, spices, sugars, sauces, pastas, flours and even plant-based candies for sale at a very reasonable price along with soaps and zero waste products.  

Refill station 

Refill station has 2 locations in Bangkok that sell a variety of package-free soaps, cleaning detergents, shampoos and even skincare. Their On Nut location also sells a small selection of grains and dried fruit. Both locations also sell zero-waste products such as bags, bottles and bamboo toothbrushes.

On Nut Location

  • Location : (BTS On Nut) Better Moon Cafe : 2031 Better Moon Cafe, Sukhumvit 77/1 Alley, Klongtoey Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
  • Google Maps :
  • Opening Hours : Daily 9:00-19:00

Ekkamai Location (Temporarily closed)

Palang Rak Store / ร้านพลังรักษ์

Palang Rak Store offers an abundance of package-free dried food items such as beans, dried fruit, nuts, rice and even dried tofu skin as well as soaps, detergents and organic fresh fruits and veggies all at very affordable prices. Palang Rak store is located in the heart of Santi Asoke vegetarian community (next to a zero-waste smoothie bar) where you can find every vegan food item or product you could ever dream of! 

Get Well Zone

Get Well Zone offers package-free soaps, detergents and zero-waste products such as reusables and personal care. 


Veggiology have dedicated a corner of their cafe to selling zero-waste supplies such as beauty products, home supplies, dried foods and zero-waste products. Everything they sell is locally sourced and organic. 

Radiance Wholefoods

Radiance Wholefoods has a zero-waste section in their store that consists of package-free personal care, household care, spice, grains & seeds 

Sunshine market 

Sunshine Market offers a selection of grains, pastas, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and even some skincare items.

Siam Botanicals 

Siam Botanicals have a refillery at their Sukhumvit store where you can bring your own containers and refill them with Siam Botanicals organic and cruelty free skincare.

Fresh Fruits & VegetablesKhlong Toei Market

Many fruits and vegetables can be very difficult and expensive to buy organic. So if you are looking for a cheaper alternative for zero-waste fruits and veggies, grab all your reusable bags and head to Khlong Toei Market. Khlong Toei Market is the biggest wholesale fruit and veg market in Bangkok where almost everything is sold by the kilo with the option to use your own bag. Every fruit and veg you can think of and even tofu, rice and other food items can be purchased using your own bags and containers. 

Your Local Wet Market!

Head to your local wet market! Almost all local wet markets sell loose fruit, vegetables and sometimes even noodles and tofu. This usually means that almost everything can be purchased package-free if you bring your own bags and containers. 

Happy Grocers

Happy Grocers Offer organic fruit and veg in Bangkok! You can either visit their pop-up grocery truck and shop completely zero-waste, or you can order your fruits and veggies for delivery which comes plastic-free, usually in a brown paper bag or cardboard box! 


Food Delivery 

Pranaa – Food For Life

Pranaa offers delicious plant-based and mostly oil-free meals for delivery and gives you the option of having your food delivered in reusable tupperware. To use this option purchase Pranaa credits to order your meals.  

Tonklar Facai

Tonklar Facai offers delicious whole food, plant-based Thai dishes and also has an oil-free menu available. They have the option to have your food delivered completely package-free! Simply order directly, and send your tiffin to the store before you order, or ask Tonklar Facai to order a round trip delivery driver to pick up your tiffin, drop it off with them for refill and then bring it back to you.

  • Order directly via line (@tonklarfacai) or instagram
  • Instagram

Tonklar Facai

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  1. Well… Not all of these stores are truly environmentally friendly.

    I was a customer of ZeroWaste Refillery until today when they sent me half of my order packed in plastic bags!

    After confronting them they made excuses with Covid and that some products could go bad and they were trying hard… I am still in shock that they call themself environmentally friendly and zero-waste.

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