World’s 1st Vegan Diamonds Are Made From CO2 Air Pollution

Could these diamonds help reverse climate change?

American fine jewellery company Aether has created the world’s first positive-impact, carbon negative diamonds that capture CO2 from the air and turn it into diamonds. Aether’s diamond’s have now also become the world’s first certified vegan diamonds.

Aether Carbon Negative Diamonds

“All other lab-grown diamonds use carbon that is sourced from fossil fuels through oil drilling and fracking. We are proud to be the world’s first diamond to use carbon from a source that isn’t from the earth.”   – Aether

Aether claims that their diamonds are the ‘rarest you can buy, and their quality is among the top 2% of all diamonds’. The diamonds are ‘100% as real as mined/naturally-occurring diamonds’ and are ‘atomically and chemically identical to mined diamonds’.

Aether Vegan Diamonds

Aether’s diamonds also show you how much of a carbon offset footprint each piece of jewellery has. For every 1 carat diamond, Aether removes 20 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere (equivalent to 1.25 years carbon footprint per person in the US). 

Imagine you could gift your spouse a beautiful diamond ring at the same time as offsetting their carbon footprint for 6 years…?!
Aether Vegan Diamonds

Aether offers jewellery with carbon offset footprints between 3 months and 6.7 years!

Aether has just announced that they have now also become the first company in the world to have their diamonds certified as vegan. Certified by, this makes Aether a true company of firsts!

“We’re proud to be a company of firsts. The world’s first positive-impact diamonds. The first diamonds ever made from air. The first diamonds to remove harmful pollution from the atmosphere.  And now the world’s first certified vegan diamonds,” – Ryan Shearman, CEO of Aether.

Aether Carbon Negative Diamonds

“We’ve introduced an industry changing concept with Aether that will define the future of fine jewelry.” – Ryan Shearman, CEO of Aether.

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