World Vegan Day: Vegan Swaps To Get You Started

To celebrate world vegan day, we’ve put together some easy swaps for those who want to make the switch!

A plant-based diet consuming foods made from 100% plants, but a vegan lifestyle also means avoiding other animal derived products such as leather, supporting places that use animals for entertainment purposes and avoiding products that are tested on animals.

Making the switch to a plant-based or vegan lifestyle is not only better for the planet and our health, but also better for the animals. 

Here are some swaps to help you get started! 

*Click the photos or videos to see more info on these vegan swaps and where you can buy them!








Ice Cream



There are many honey alternatives available in Thailand. Coconut flower nectar being the easiest and cheapest to find since it is usually a local product. You can also buy whole blocks of coconut sugar and melt it down yourself and store in a bottle as a syrup. All the above alternatives (agave syrup, coconut flower nectar & maple syrup) are available to purchase from


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