What Is The Climate Clock?

You may have seen our recent video campaign in partnership with VGI launching across the BTS at the beginning of last month… In this video, we introduced the Climate Clock.

But What Is The Climate Clock?

The Climate Clock is a project that was started by a US-based team of passionate people. Their aim is to raise awareness about how much time we have left to save our planet and to show how we can use this number to ignite climate action.

Climate Clock uses scientific data from the IPCC, which shows the time we have left to take decisive action to keep warming under the 1.5°C threshold. If the World warms above 1.5°C, irreversible damage will be done to our planet and we will begin to free-fall down the dark hole of climate breakdown and climate catastrophe.

You Can't Forget It

When we first saw this number in the media, displayed for all to see in New York, we were saddened, disturbed, and scared for the future of humanity. It hit us hard. But once we had seen this number, been shocked and saddened by it, we continue with our day-to-day lives and forgot about the potential impending demise of our planet. This is exactly why this campaign is so impactful. If you live in NYC and see this number every day, you can’t forget it. You can’t not be inspired to take action. We hope the Climate Clock on the BTS will do the same; will be a daily inspiration to take action now.


Many people in power around the world heard the threat of a pandemic voiced by scientists over the past few decades in the same way… They saw the very real and scientific threat, they were shocked and scared by it, but then they forgot about it. They failed to act and then continued with their day-to-day lives.

Climate Change

Climate change is the same. But WORSE. So much worse. Climate breakdown could literally mean the demise of, not only humanity but Earth’s billions of animals and life-forms along with us. Many big changes that need to happen in order to reverse climate change are in the hands of a very small number of big players, but we can also make a huge difference as individuals. 

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2. What will happen if we do nothing and 

3. Exactly how long we have left before it’s too late.
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