New Campaign ‘Wen Day’ To Promote Plant-Based Food In Thailand

Starting With One Day A Week

The Thai Future Food Trade Association is teaming up with its members and Informa Markets Thailand to kick off an awesome campaign called “Wen Day on Wednesday”! In Thai, “wen” means “avoid” or “skip.” The campaign, inspired by Meatless Monday, encourages Thai consumers and food service operators to offer future foods every Wednesday.

Several future food brands support ‘Wen Day on Wednesday’, including Let’s Plant Meat, More Meat, OMG Meat, Meat Avatar, VG4Love, Mantra, Absolute Plant and so many more!

Let's plant meat

During the pandemic, plant-based products gained popularity in Thailand due to increased health and environmental awareness. Once conventional meat and seafood businesses are now offering plant-based options, and surveys show Thai consumers respond positively to cultivated meat.

The tipping point for Thai consumers was when CPF, Thailand’s largest meat producer, launched its “Meat Zero” plant-based meat brand in 2021. The brand’s extensive advertising and celebrity endorsements helped introduce plant-based meat to mass-market consumers, with searches for “vegan” and “plant-based meat” in Thailand increasing tenfold from 2020 to 2021.

Why not embrace ‘Wen Day on Wednesday’ and make plant-based foods an integral part of your dining experience!

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