Vegan Chocolate Shop & Factory Opens On Sukhumvit 23

A Mini Slice Of Vegan Chocolate Heaven

Yayaz, the newly launched vegan and allergen-friendly chocolate brand has just launched their new, fully vegan chocolate shop on Sukhumvit 23 in Bangkok, alongside their chocolatier studio where they make all the delicious, cruelty-free and planet-friendly chocolate!

Fuelled by the need for a nut-free, dairy-free chocolate for her children and husband, Tiana decided to take matters into her own hands and step into the chocolatiering space!

Yayaz Bangkok
Yayaz Chocolate

The mini chocolate factory situated behind the shop is our idea of heaven! Chocolate churning, caramel being whipped up, the rich smell of cocoa butter, and… wait a second… It’s all vegan!!

Chocolate Bar
Vegan Yayaz

 The shop has an amazing selection of rich and creamy vegan chocolates including dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, coffee chocolate, crunchie-style chocolate bars, nut-free vegan nutella, chocolate characters on sticks and seasonal goodies like Easter eggs!

Yayaz partnered with a French chef to perfect all of their recipes and get the chocolate tasting just as good, if not better, than dairy-based confectionery.

The shop will also be launching chocolate drinks in the near future, so you can cool down or just drink some chocolate whilst you buy chocolate!!!

Vegan Chocolates
Yayaz Chocolates

WARNING: If you plan to go and eat a tonne of chocolate like we did, do not wear white!

Yayaz Chocolat
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