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It may seem like an obvious vegan product, but for some unknown reason, this baked, bouncy, basic food, more often than not contains milk, milk powder, and sometimes even egg! In order to satisfy your breaded cravings, we’ve listed a number of suppliers that produce warm, fresh vegan bread. Click on the business name to see more pictures via their Instagram pages.

Order from LINE: @baankhunmon

Baan Khunmon
Baan Khunmon 2
Baan Khunmon 3

Order from Facebook or Instagram: @baitoeys_vegan

Baitoey Vegan 1
Baitoey Vegan 2

We focus on vegan bread & treats, made-to-order to eliminate food waste.
Our bread selections include:
Better White Bread (available in small or large loaf)
Better Rosemary & Olives (available in small or large loaf)
Better Tomato & Garlic (available in small or large loaf)

Order via LINE: @eatbetter or Facebook and Instagram: eatbetter.bkk


Better Bread 3
Better Bread 2
Better Bread 1

Conkey’s have a very clear menu showing which of their breads are vegan (which is most of them!). All of their sourdough breads are vegan. Order via Lineman.

Conkey's Bakery
Conkey's Bakery
Conkey's Bakery

Order from LINE: @cubicbread
NOTE: Not all of the Cubic Bread is vegan friendly

Cubic Bread 1

Order via Facebook or Instagram: @FlourPeople
Flour People also sell their bagels to @NourishCafe for their Saturday bagel brunch!

Flour People Bangkok
Flour People 3

“We focus on vegan, gluten & allergen-free bread”,
Order via Facebook or Instagram: @Greedy.Beast

Greedy Beast 1
Greedy Beast 2
Order via LINE: @healthyplease
90% plant-based / เจ bread.
Healthy Please BKK 2
Healthy Please BKK3
Healthy Please BKK
Order via Food Panda Delivery
The vegan selection is small, so make sure to double check.
Holey Bakery 1
Holey Bakery 2
Holey Bakery 3

“ขนมปังVegan ผลิตจากธรรมชาติ 100%”
Order via LINE: @kaferhouse OR AOW Application, Tops, Gourmet Market & Lemon Farm.

Kaffer House

100% Vegan Bread! Order directly from Facebook or Instagram: @Kit_chenathome

Kitchen Home 3
Kitchen Home
Kitchen Home 2

A variety of vegan bread and pastries with gluten-free and keto options. To order, call or WhatsApp 081-7109-333

Love U Knead
Love U Knead
Love U Knead

Only the bread in the white paper is 100% vegan. You can find them in Villa Market & Gourmet Market!

Maison Jean Philippe 2
Maison Jean Philippe 3
Maison Jean Philippe 3

Ask for the vegan bagels!

Vegan Bagels
We have “an extensive line of vegan-friendly sourdough bread loaves, like the classic, multiseed & olive and herbs! Order via phone: 0958155839
Nine Bakery
Nine Bakery 2
Nine Bakery 3
“The dough culture is grown inhouse. Easy on the stomach and soft. Great for making sandwiches.”
Order via LINE: @sunshinemarketbkk
sunshine Market 1
Sunshine Market 2

Gluten free, vegan and delicious! When you order, ask for the vegan bread! 

Tasuko Vegan Bread
Tasuko Vegan Bread
“Buy any bread 3 packs, get 15% discount!”
Order via LINE: @theerabakeroom Or call: 0905062222
Theera Healthy Bakeroom 2
Theera Healthy Bakeroom
Theera Healthy Bakeroom 3

“ขนมปังเพื่อสุขภาพ Vegan (เจ)”
Order via LINE: @theovenfarm

Oven Farm 1
“Our famous Monkey Loaves, topped with our Housemade Vegan Cheese!” 
Order via LINE: @whiskedaway to pre-order
Whisked Away 1
Whisked Away 2
Whisked Away 3
Not 100% Vegan, but many vegan options!
Order via LINE: @wildgrainsbakery
Wild Gains Bakery
Wild Gains Bakery 2
Wild Gains Bakery 3
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