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It may seem like an obvious vegan product, but for some unknown reason, this baked, bouncy, basic food, more often than not contains milk, milk powder, and sometimes even egg! In order to satisfy your breaded cravings, we’ve listed a number of suppliers that produce warm, fresh vegan bread. Click on the business name to see more pictures via their Instagram pages.

Order from LINE: @baankhunmon

Baan Khunmon
Baan Khunmon 2
Baan Khunmon 3

Order from their restaurant, or via their social media

Bartels bread
Bartels bread baked

At Biscotti House all the bread is vegan (traditionally, bread in Italy is vegan, unless named otherwise e.g. milk bread, butter bread, etc.) We bake whole wheat daily and ciabatta once a week, both with a night-long raise of the dough so the result is a long-lasting product that is good for several days.

We bake focaccia with olive oil and rosemary which is one of our best-selling, it disappears the moment out of the oven! We also bake vegan cakes and cookies on demand.


Biscotti House Bread Bangkok Focaccia
Biscotti House Bread
Biscotti House Bread Bangkok

Conkey’s have a very clear menu showing which of their breads are vegan (which is most of them!). All of their sourdough breads are vegan. Order via Lineman.

Conkey's Bakery
Conkey's Bakery
Conkey's Bakery

Order from LINE: @cubicbread
NOTE: Not all of the Cubic Bread is vegan friendly

Cubic Bread 1

Elephant Organic was established from the growing demand for organic, plant-based & natural items in Chiang Mai.

Elephant Organic Bread
Elephant Organic Chiang Mai
Happy Allergy
Happy Allergy Bread
Happy Allergy Bread Chiang Mai
Happy Allergy Bread Chiang Mai
Happy Allergy Bread Chiang Mai Bagel
Happy Allergy Bread Chiang Mai
Order via Food Panda Delivery
The vegan selection is small, so make sure to double check.
Holey Bakery 1
Holey Bakery 2
Holey Bakery 3

“ขนมปังVegan ผลิตจากธรรมชาติ 100%”
Order via LINE: @kaferhouse OR AOW Application, Tops, Gourmet Market & Lemon Farm.

Kaffer House

100% Vegan Bread! Order directly from Facebook or Instagram: @Kit_chenathome

Kitchen Home 3
Kitchen Home
Kitchen Home 2

A variety of vegan bread and pastries with gluten-free and keto options. To order, call or WhatsApp 081-7109-333

Love U Knead
Love U Knead
Love U Knead

Only the bread in the white paper is 100% vegan. You can find them in Villa Market & Gourmet Market!

Maison Jean Philippe 2
Maison Jean Philippe 3
Maison Jean Philippe 3

“Here at Mismyle Kitchen- we bake a variety of homemade New York style bagels every day! We have a wide range of vegan bagels from regular to whole wheat and Rye bagels. They are crispy on the outside and soft and chewy inside. We are certain not to disappoint you.”

Mismyle Kitchen-Home cooking 2
Mismyle Kitchen-Home cooking

“Our sourdough bread is 100% natural (plant-based) made from flour, water & salt. We have a few kinds:
– Classic – Multiseed (with sesame, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds) * classic & multiseed are available daily
– Olives and herbs (pre-order only) – cranberries & walnut (preorder only)
– 100% rye sourdough (preorder only) We also have focaccia sourdough

You can order here: 0958155839

Nine Pastry
Nine Pastry
Nine Bakery

As well as being a ‘one-stop shop for all things wholesome, 100% Vegan and Eco-friendly’, Plenti Grocer also sells their own, delicious vegan bread – only available at EKM6 (Ekamai 6)

Plenti Grocer EKM6
“We have a few vegan breads and one new one!
1. Flourless bread – made from flaxseed meal, psyllium powder, baking powder, and pink salt. This is the latest creation. It is fluffy and tastes amazing.  It’s not only vegan but gluten-free.
2. Buckwheat sourdough – we use organic flour. We culture the starter for about 3-4 days.
3. Seeded multigrain sourdough – first gluten free vegan sourdough that we created. It’s still the best selling. Great for making sandwiches. It’s also high in protein.
4. Vegan sesame bread – This is the best one for making avo toast. And also to eat with pasta, dip in oils. Will send you photos and ingredients.
All our breads are gluten-free. We use organic where possible. Every ingredient we use, we sell it at the store.”
Sunshine Market Vegan Bread 4
Sunshine Market Vegan Bread 2
Sunshine Market Vegan Bread
Sunshine Market Vegan Bread 3
“Buy any bread 3 packs, get 15% discount!”
Order via LINE: @theerabakeroom Or call: 0905062222
Theera Healthy Bakeroom 2
Theera Healthy Bakeroom
Theera Bread

“ขนมปังเพื่อสุขภาพ Vegan (เจ)”
Order via LINE: @theovenfarm

Oven Farm 1
Wild Grains Bakery is a Grain to Table bakery located in Bangkok in Ekamai, Sukhumvit 63 – currently available by delivery only.
Our breads, pastries and cakes are made with freshly milled flour. Bread is naturally leavened (and yes, some with a small amount of yeast) with a slow fermentation process. Everything is made by hand, and everything is ‘from scratch’ made in house.
We take inspiration from all parts of the world combining the best of tried and true techniques to create unique and signature flavors. @wildgrainsbakery
Wild Grains Bread Bangkok
Wild grains Bakery
Wild Grains Bread
Wildgrains Bakery

“Not everything is vegan but these are the vegan breads that can be found in the supermarkets:
– Cinnamon raisin bagel
– Cranberry and oat bagel
– Plain sourdough bagel
– Multigrain bagel
– French baguette
– San Francisco sourdough loaf

*We also do vegan burger buns and hot dog buns for restaurants and cafes on an order basis only (not in supermarkets)”

Zgi Cafe - Bakery
Zgi Cafe Bangkok
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