Tyson Foods Launches New Plant-Based Chicken Brand In Thailand

One of the world’s biggest meat producers, Tyson foods, launched their first plant-based brand in Thailand last month.

First Pride has a range of 3 different types of breaded chicken which are now available almost everywhere and cost 99 baht per bag. 

First Pride Vegan Chicken
🌱 Crispy Nuggets
🌱 Popcorn Bites (made with real popcorn!)
🌱 Larb Bites

“When it comes to the future of food, we’re putting our best food forward and re-imagining the possibilities of protein. We would like to make plant-based protein more accessible and affordable for more people in Asia Pacific. With our cutting-edge technology and innovation, we would like to offer the products that revolutionizes the pre-existing perception of plant-based food.”  Tyson Foods told us.

First Pride Vegan Chicken

Tyson Foods believes that Thailand is the perfect market for the growth of plant-based food and told us that “Thailand has a long standing relationship with plant-based food. Thailand is a natural fit for this category as Thai people have associated with traditional plant-based products like tofu and already entrenched in the culture. Thai millennials are getting more concerned about their health and well-being, as well as sustainability. They will be a driving force to take this plant-based food category to the next level.”

We tasted all 3 types of chicken whilst filming our upcoming plant-based meat video and…. well you’ll have to wait for the video to see what the verdict is!

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