The World’s First Cell-Based Crab Meat Is Here

Shiok Meats just showcased the world’s first-ever cell-based crab meat at a tasting event in Singapore!

Shiok Meats, the world’s first cell-based crustacean meat company, aims to bring delicious cell-based crustacean meat to consumers by 2022/2023. Shiok Meats will continue to place a strong emphasis on its R&D and commercialization plans including building the first-ever cell-based seafood manufacturing plant in Singapore.

Shiok Meats

Image Courtesy of Shiok Meats

“The ingredient is really versatile, and it works well across different cuisines, including local Asian dishes. Also, it’s fantastic that we can now prepare delicious meals with sustainable crab meat.”, said Chef José.

As well as cell-based crab meat, over the last couple of years, Shiok Meats have showcased their cell-based Shrimp prototype and their cell-based Lobster prototype.

The Need for Alternative Seafood

According to FAO, there is a huge demand for crab and the prices have been rising. Live crab exports rose by 20% to US$ 652 million, with China and the Republic of Korea each accounting for just under 50% of the total. Retail sales of crab were up by 60% compared to 2019. The crab market is insatiable as consumers shift to home consumption and are willing to pay higher retail prices for quality products.

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