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Green, Lean and Back on Screen: ‘The Game Changers 2’ is Coming to Netflix

Get Ready for the Plant-Powered Sequel of the Decade…

In 2018 “The Game Changers” groundbreaking documentary, swept across Netflix, changing perceptions about plant-based nutrition and athletic performance across the globe. By showcasing world-class athletes who thrived on plant-based diets, the film shattered the entrenched belief that animal protein was essential for peak performance. The ripple effects were profound, fueling a surge towards plant-based lifestyles.

The Game Changers
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The success of the film has left fans ready for a deeper dive into plant-based nutrition, creating a palpable excitement around the recent announcement of “The Game Changers 2.” The sequel is anticipated to delve deeper into the benefits of plant-based nutrition, featuring fresh research and powerful personal success stories.

Set to hit Netflix in Spring 2024, the sequel will benefit from the collaboration with SpringHill Company, an entertainment brand co-founded by LeBron James and Maverick Carter. This partnership promises a sequel that not only entertains but also informs and challenges.

“The Game Changers 2” is primed to continue the mission, pushing the envelope in terms of how we perceive nutrition and its impact on our health and the environment.

The Game Changers are back, and they’re ready to redefine and transform strength and nutrition, and amplify the plant-based revolution!

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