Thailand Now Has Its Own Green Map!

Thailand now has its own Green Map that shows you the locations of all things eco-friendly, organic, green and sustainable!

The Urban Green Scene website has 5 different maps listed showing you where to find everything from zero-waste shops to e-waste drop off locations to vegan restaurants.

The main map was created by two avid greenies from the Urban Garden Scene, who felt that an easy go-to resource for all things green was lacking in Thailand.

⬇️ (The below map shows recycling points, repair shops, zero-waste shops, restaurants, organic shops, second hand-shops, community gardens, hotels and more.) ⬇️

“…If you want to buy organic groceries in the Sukhumvit area, zoom in and find the closest green grocery store to you! You also filter by category and locate recycling points, repair shops, zero-waste shops, restaurants, grocers and more. Use this map to discover Green Thailand!”

– The Urban Green Scene

This is a valuable resource for Thailand that has been well researched by all contributors! We hope that this map gets the attention that it deserves!

If you know a business is missing or needs updating, then you can fill out a form (attached to the google map), or email, with the company name and location.

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