Swees Cheese to Open Thailand’s First Plant-Based Cheese Factory

Award-winning plant-based, vegan cheese producer, Swees Plant Based Foods Co., Ltd, announces the opening of the first-of-its-kind fully vegan plant-based cheese factory in Thailand to provide ground-breaking healthy non-dairy products.

Swees Cheese

Nicolas Frauenfelder and the rest of the team at Swees Plant Based Foods Co. Ltd are again looking to push boundaries in the food business in Thailand and APAC region as the innovative young startup producing plant-based cheese in Thailand is set to open the first fully vegan plant-based cheese factory in the country, to be ready for production in early 2023.

As consumers become more conscious of how the food we eat affects the environment and our health, the global dairy cheese market is ready for an upgrade!

With the fast-growing demand for more plant-based dairy alternatives, Swees is set to make plant-based dairy products more accessible!

Swees Plant Based Foods Co is looking to meet the needs of vegans, health-conscious consumers ready to make the switch, as well as the 60 to 90% of the Asian population identified to be lactose intolerant as it opens its factory in Thailand.

Swees Cheese

The opening of Swees’s vegan plant-based cheese factory in Thailand is game-changing from every angle; the factory itself is designed as a sustainable production facility to produce vegan cheese for Thailand and save the environment, with studies revealing that plant-based cheese releases 80% less CO2 emissions compared to dairy cheese. At the same time, this factory will help increase accessibility for healthy, dairy-free cheese upgrades! Exporting to other Asia Pacific countries is also a part of Swees’s grand plan!

Swees Plant Based Foods Co., Ltd has also just announced it will be launching its first seed round to raise funds. The Seed Round will be launched on the 1st of November 2022, giving members of the public an opportunity to be a part of the revolutionary plant-based movement taking the Thai food industry by storm. This round of funding will help the company in its pursuit of developing tasty and healthy non-dairy products that are good for the environment.

Swees Cheese

For further information about the factory and other initiatives from Swees Plant Based Foods Co. Ltd., visit – www.sweescheese.com. Swees Plant Based Foods Co., Ltd. Can also be found across social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

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