Plant-Based Restaurants In BKK With Sustainable Delivery Packaging

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*Promotion only applies to food orders that use compostable or sustainable delivery packaging. Here are all the plant-based restaurants in Bangkok (in alphabetical order) that deliver their food in sustainable takeaway packaging.

We have specifically listed packaging that is at-home compostable and also meal-plan membership programs that Tupperware return programs.*Many of the restaurants on this list also use PLA, a type of plastic made from plants, but as PLA plastics are not at-home compostable, we have only listed their menu items that omit the PLA containers.

: Call the restaurants directly to make sure that your order doesn’t contain any rogue plastic that might appear if you order via a third-party application. Click on the restaurant name to be linked to directly to their food menus, social media pages and contact details.

Banana Warrior Cafe

The Banana Warrior Cafe are using a mix of banana leaf and brown paper wrapping for their cake and bread deliveries! For deliveries from their cafe, they use cardboard boxes tied with string. *NOTE: Some cardboard boxes come with plastic, so make sure you specify otherwise.

Barefood Bangkok

“All food items (except the pasta with sauce, which has a plastic lid) come in compostable Gracs takeaway containers or paper wrapping. We don’t give any utensils unless requested, and then we will provide wooden utensils.” Note: Sauce containers will be delivered in small plastic cups, so make sure you ask for no extra sauce – BareFood Bangkok

Broccoli Revolution

“Our Broccoli Quinoa Charcoal Burger and BR Cheese Burrito Supreme” are delivered in at-home compostable bagasse packaging.

Carrots Vegan Bistro

The Raw Carrot Roll and all bakery items are delivered in Gracs compostable packaging. You can also order pizza, as the pizza box is made from cardboard without a wax coating! *Note: All other dishes have small plastic sauce tubs, so please clarify with them before your order.

Courageous Kitchen
“Tempeh, veggie burger patties, empanadas, drinks, jams, and sauces are sustainably packaged and customers who subscribe to meal plan are delivered in cloth bags.”
“We use a Bagasse box for all items except hot soup”. Some sauces are delivered in small plastic pots; make sure to ask before ordering.
Kappra Cafe

The newest restaurant in town has adopted a sustainable ethos! All of their delivery food is beautifully encased in SiamLeaf. Making the Kappra Food look just as incredible as it tastes.

Nature's Charm Cafe

There are very few items on the menu that don’t come in compostable Gracs packaging – Please be sure to check!

All dry food arrives in at-home brown-box compostable packaging. However, the soup bowl (on the right) and the lids on the paper cups (to the left) are not at-home compostable, so make sure to clarify when ordering. “We welcome and encourage customers to bring their own containers in to use!” 
– Nourish Cafe
Pier 21
The food court inside Terminal 21 in Asoke is called Pier 21. There is a booth (numbered 15) that sells vegetarian food (avoid the egg dishes). You can still visit this food stall and take away your food in this 100% sugarcane cookware at-home compostable container!
Praana 1

Pranaa offers a returnable Tupperware system when you order with points through their website. This way you can return the Tupperware from your previous order with your next delivery!

If you order with this system via the Pranaa website you will get a minimum 5% and maximum 20% discount on every order!

Saptha 1
Saptha has recently adopted SiamLeaf packaging for their dishes! These smaller paste and salad segments fit perfectly on top of the bowls. They are all entirely at-home compostable.
Note: You must request this packaging for an extra 20 THB.
Seeds & Sunshine
“Most of our packaging is sustainable, but we and Mother Earth would be so grateful if you brought your own or used our re-usable packaging. Mixture of kraft paper coated with PBS (derived from sugarcane).”
– Seeds & Sunshine
Tonklar Facai

If you order over 1000 THB worth of food from Tonklar Facai, you can buy a tiffin from them for an extra 450 THB! Ask for them to add your food inside the tiffins, otherwise the delivery will come with plastic.

The caesar wrap, BBQ burger, kimchi dumplings, vegan fried chicken, cinnamon rolls, spring rolls, and raw brownie all come in compostable takeaway containers. However, please note that all sauces and hot drinks still come with plastic. You can forego the sauces and hot drinks for an entirely eco-friendly option.

* The 10% promotion is available in all Veganerie branches excepted Emquartier.
Vegan Crush

If you sign up to Vegan Crush’s subscription based meal plan, they “simply swap the containers and bag with the new delivery each week”. The BPA free, air-tight Tupperware containers are re-used after being returned.

Everything in the menu is delivered in bio-degradable packaging, except the V Street Noddles, Khao Soi 2.0 and Conscious Cous Cous.

Hoorah! Almost ALL pizza boxes are backyard compostable, because they’re made out of cardboard! Just make sure to remove the little bit of sticky tape holding it together before you throw the empty box into your tumbler.

Yoga Cafe 2

All the delivery packaging is Gracs and bagasse at-home compostable. Please ask that the sauces do not come in plastic tubs prior to ordering.

What's Our 'Take-Away' From The List?

Currently, it still can be tricky for restaurants to manoeuvre their way through a pandemic. Sustainable packaging is evolving – it gets stronger and more affordable with every purchase. As the demand rises for eco-packaging, we’ll hopefully see more varieties on the market.

Our next article on eco-friendly packaging will be about PLA (plant plastics), composting vs bio-degradable, and a list of all available packaging on the market. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter below!

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It’s not new to the scene, the lean, clean, environmentally green, superfood machine, found in many great cuisines, filled to the brim with protein, encourages trips to the latrine. Ladies and gentlemen, the soybean.

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