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How can we seamlessly transition to a more sustainable food system? We cannot simply remove animal products from the equation and hope all goes well. We need to put plans in place and come up with alternative solutions that will ensure businesses thrive once they have made this sustainable shift.

Our Plant-Based & Sustainability Festival (Event Link: will be held at Sansiri Backyard in the T77 Community. For those of you who have visited Sansiri Backyard before, you may know that they have a chicken and duck coop on site, which they use to source eggs for their cafe. 

Sansiri Backyard

Over the past few months, we have worked closely with Sansiri on the festival and we have discussed the topic of revolutionising their chicken coop with a plant-based egg alternative. Sansiri has been very open to the idea of working with us to develop a plant-based egg and the possibility of removing their chicken coops altogether. But now we just need to give them some good reasons to do it.

We need YOUR help. In order for Sansiri to consider swapping their chicken coops for a plant-based egg solution, we need to come together and show them how many amazing alternative options there are. At the festival we will have chalkboards stationed at the chicken-coops so you can share your ideas with us and Sansiri!

We need your suggestions!

This is an amazing opportunity to make a small change in the way an influential business operates. If we can collectively suggest a unique initiative that is not only profitable but that will also help build a brighter future, we can help Sansiri lead the way for others to follow.

Some ideas to get you thinking: 

The coops could be turned into planting areas for ‘Mung Beans’ for plant-based eggs

The chickens could be adopted out to make more space for planting

The chickens could roam the farm taking care of the bugs and pests

The coop areas could be used to grow an alternative plant protein

Maybe the coops could even be turned into a plant-based food lab!

We want YOUR innovative ideas. Come to our Plant-Based & Sustainability Festival on October 17th & 18th, head to the chalkboards and share your ideas. 

Together we can revolutionise the future of food.

What came first, the chicken or the egg? We will never know, but we do know what comes next.

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