Meat Vs Plants | Protein Per Baht

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There’s a long-standing misconception that plant-based food is expensive. But when you break it down, some of the highest sources of plant-based protein (and the healthiest sources of protein overall) are actually some of the cheapest foods in the world.

Cost of protein Thailand

We did some price comparisons of proteins found in major supermarkets here in Thailand and found that, per gram of protein –

🐮 Soybeans are 20 x cheaper than beef! 

🐷 Soybeans are 11 x cheaper than pork!

🐮 Black beans are 7.5 x cheaper than beef!

🐷 Black Beans are 4 x cheaper than pork! 

Price of plant protein
Protein by price
Price of vegan food

*We compared the cheapest ground beef, ground pork, soybeans and black beans, found in Tesco Lotus, Big C, and Villa Supermarket, found the average price for each and worked out the price per gram of protein.

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