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PRESS RELEASE: Climate Heroes Video Campaign


VGI Hero Plant-based

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JANUARY 16th 2023, 6am BANGKOK BTS Skytrain: Passengers are sleepily on their early morning commute when they are awoken by a superhero popping from the BTS screens! They look up and the superhero appears to be eating plant-based noodles with his hair blowing in the wind! Is this a superhero movie trailer? Is this superman? Nope! It’s an everyday #ClimateHero !
The line reads, “Does it look like this man is eating his lunch? WRONG! This man is saving the planet!”
“Switching to a plant-based diet is the single biggest act you can take to reduce your impact on the planet, and is healthier for you and the animals too!”

On January 14th, in partnership with VGI, Root The Futurewill be launching the #ClimateHeroes video campaign which will run on the BTS skytrain system for 1 month. The video will be viewable on all 94 trains across more than 1,200 screens, on several main station platform screens, as well as various digital billboards across the skytrain system and will played more than 90 times per day on the BTS Skytrain System. It’s the hope of Root The Future, that showing how simple climate actions can be, will inspire people of all generations to use the power that they have today, to save the future of tomorrow. Root The Future wants to show the world that anyone, anywhere, can be a climate hero. Root The Future’s #ClimateHeroes campaign shows us that we have the tools at our disposal to make simple changes in our lives that may help prevent a climate catastrophe.

The #ClimateHeroes campaign highlights the impact that our food choices have on the environment and the impact of opting for public transport more often.

Mass system change is a huge cog in reversing climate change; countries switching to 100% renewable energies, integrating ecosystem protection into politics and learning to always put our planet before profit, are all essential to halting the effects of climate change. But what we do in our everyday lives also has a bigger impact than many people think. When we think about climate change it feels as though, as individuals, our actions just won’t be enough. But Root The Future wants to shift this mindset. Using the ClimateHeroes to highlight just how easy climate action can be, Root The Future aims to highlight just how powerful and impactful our everyday actions are when it comes to climate change.

To find out more about how you can make a big impact, for a little change, head to:  www.instagram.com/rootthefuture

The #ClimateHeroes campaign video was produced by Root The Future, and used an all-vegan crew and catered with entirely plant-based food.


As a not-for-profit company, Root The Future relies on the support of sponsors for projects and campaigns. Nothing they do would be possible without their supporters and partners! For this project, Root The Future was supported by:

About Root The Future

Root The Future is a change-maker! We educate, advocate and encourage sustainability through entertaining content, events, and campaigns. Root The Future’s mission is to raise awareness around plant-based food and sustainability and to encourage growth in the plant-based industry. We believe that shifting consumer behavior to focus more on local, plant-based foods is an important step towards a more sustainable world.

About VGI

VGI is a unique market leader with exclusive access to behavioral data from our advertising, payment and logistics platforms. We turn data to meaningful consumer insight, enabling us to offer Offline-to-Online (O2O) Solutions. To provide a better customer experience, we help brands to navigate their customers at every stage of the purchasing process.

For more information, contact:
Phone number: +66 6 2019 7434

IG @rootthefuture
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