Pork Is Now 14 X More Expensive Than Soy

Pork prices are on the rise in Thailand due to “swine diseases, high production cost, abnormal swings in demand and supply”, reports Thai PBS.

Instead of switching to crocodile meat to save money, as some people are suggesting, why not save money, the planet, your health and the crocodiles by getting your protein rich calories from soy beans instead?

Not sure about you guys but I would choose tofu over crocodile any day of the week!


When you break it down, some of the highest sources of plant-based protein (and the healthiest sources of protein overall) are actually some of the cheapest foods in the world!!

We did some price comparisons of proteins found in major supermarkets here in Thailand and found that per gram of protein:

Soybeans are now 14 X cheaper than pork! 

Pork Price Thailand

We compared the cheapest ground beef, ground pork, soybeans and black beans, found in Lotus’s, Big C and Villa Market, then calculated the average price for each and worked out the price per gram of protein.

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