Plant The Future – Together we sequestered 739,200 kg of CO2!

We had so much fun with you all on Sunday at the mangrove planting event to celebrate World Wildlife Conservation Day! Thank you so much everyone for coming! And thank you Alexander Lang for all your organizing and hard work that made this possible!

Plant The Future

With a group of just over 100, together we planted 3,000 mangroves, created some good news about climate activism, and at the same time as raising awareness about climate change, mangroves and how plant-based food is at the center of all this!

Plant The Future

Thank you everyone for not buying seafood at the restaurant (this contributes to mangrove degradation), but instead enjoyed the plant-based (vegan) buffet that was made possible by our plant-based food sponsors! We absolutely loved this buffet and definitely ate more than our fair share!!!

Plant The Future

A shout out to everyone who brought their reusables and to everyone who took home leftovers in their Tupperware’s to ensure no food was wasted! Every small action has a HUGE impact!

Mangroves play a significant role in mitigating climate change. According to WWF, mangroves are a “nature based solution” to tackling the climate crisis. Mangroves have the ability to capture and store carbon for photosynthesis four times greater than that stored by other tropical forests. Additionally they help stabilize the coast of Thailand and they provide living areas to marine and land animals. Unfortunately, mangroves have been disappearing at an alarming rate due to conversion of coastal lands for construction of shrimp farms and mass tourism. From 1961 to 1996 Thailand has lost 56% of its mangrove forests due to the expansion of shrimp and salt farms.

Plant The Future

The mangroves planted have, according to previous events and studies, a survival rate of 80% and they grow on protected land.

Stay tuned for the next Plant The Future day out! Mangrove planting and vegan buffet! We can’t wait to see you all at the next one!

Plant The Future

Thank you to the amazing sponsors and donators!
💚 The German Embassy
💚Sai Yok Springs
💚 Pranic Healing Thailand
💚 Kaimug
💚 Arpana – Stylish Suitcase
💚 Warawat Bibb Sabhavasu
💚 The Earthling Cafe
💚 Kappra Cafe
💚 Butter Me Up
💚 Laika Pet Food
💚 Three Goats Brewery
💚 Aurore Pauze
💚 Mahrukh Bilal
💚 Tess Spiers
💚 Meat Avatar
💚 More Meat
💚 Let’s Plant Meat
💚 Veganerie
💚 Luka Cafe

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