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10 Plant-Based Seafood Options To Try After Watching Seaspiracy

If you want to cut out or minimise your seafood intake after watching Seaspiracy, here are 10 plant-based seafood options you can buy in Bangkok to help you save our oceans and our planet.

1. Golden State

Golden State Watermelon Tuna

Golden State have an abundance of amazing plant-based seafood available. You can visit their restaurant in Ekkamai to taste their plant-based seafood dishes, or you can visit Vegan Basket in Dear Tummy, Icon Siam and buy the frozen seafood products to take home and cook up yourself. 

  • Watermelon tuna
  • Jackfruit crab cakes
  • Seafood burgers
  • Lobster Rolls
  • Calamari rings
  • Scallops

2. Ve Meat - Tuna

Ve Meat Vegan Tuna

Ve Meat is a tinned tuna vegan which rivals the shelf life and price point of its predecessor. Made from jackfruit and soy milk, Ve Meat is ethical, environmentally friendly and delicious. The texture is very similar to real tuna, just slightly moister. The taste is not overly fishy, but replicates a mild and sweeter version of real fish; in our opinion much more flavoursome than a tin of tuna!

Ve Meat Vegan Tuna

3. Natures Charm Cafe - Fish & Chips

Natures Charm Cafe Fish & Chips

From the creators of Natures Charm who turn coconuts into condensed milk, let’s raise a glass to @naturescharmcafe for turning fruit into fish, and showing the world that anything is possible. 

This delicious plant-based fish and chips is made from banana blossom and has a deliciously melt-in-the-mouth texture with a sweet and salty taste. 

4. Broccoli Revolution - Vegan Sushi

Broccoli Revolution Vegan Sushi

Broccoli Revolution offers 2 types of vegan maki rolls featuring plant-based eel, cauliflower tuna and soy roe. Try the dragon roll at their Sukhumvit location, or try both the dragon roll and dynamite roll at their Charoenkrung location!

5. Mantra - Shrimp Balls & Mince

Mantra Shrimp Balls

@mantrafoodthailand’s soy & chickpea shrimp-balls taste & smell very fishy! The taste is strong & salty; a much more prominent fish taste than many other plant-based fish’s. The texture is firm but bouncy. 

Not only are these shrimp-(free)-balls a great source of protein but no sealife was harmed in the making of them & they’re cholesterol free!

Available to purchase at Vegan Basket in Dear Tummy, Icon Siam. 

6. Kale Break - Jackfruit Tuna

Kale Break Tuna

Kale Break‘s delicious tuna sandwiches are slightly milder than tuna fish (they didn’t have that fishy smell, which was a bonus in our book), but taste very close to classic tuna sandwiches and the texture is indistinguishable from the real thing.

Kale Break offer oil-free, plant-based tuna sandwiches that can be ordered for delivery via instagram, or you can buy the tuna by itself by the jar.

Kale Break Tuna

7. Vistro - Phish Tacos

Vistro - Phish Tacos

Vistro offers delicious phish tacos with all the trimmings!

8. Banana Warrior Cafe - Smoked Salmon

Banana Warrior Cafe Salmon

This smoked salmon is made with marinated carrots & seaweed. Delicious, with a silky texture very similar to that of smoked salmon.

Seasonal and rotational menu. Ask for full menu at https://www.instagram.com/the.banana.warrior/

9. Loving Hut

Loving Hut Vegan Fish Dishes

Loving Hut in Rama 3 has a selection of plant-based seafood dishes available. From fish steaks, to shrimp, to sashimi, they’ve got it all. 

Plant-based seafood dishes include:

  • Fish cakes
    • Unagi Don
      • Sushi and sashimi
        • Prawn nuggets
          • Shark fin soup
            • Fish maw soup
              • Fish steak

10. Canes - Caviar

Canes Vegan Caviar

The 7 chefs and 2 food scientists at @CanesBKK have developed the recipe for Thailand’s first sustainable vegan caviar made entirely from algae – and it tastes just like the real thing! This vegan swap is inspired by and aims to replicate the texture and taste of real Belugar Caviar!

Order via Canes Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/canesbkk/

Canes Vegan Caviar
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