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A Plant-Based Diet Can Reduce Severe Covid-19 Symptoms By Up To 73%

A new study published by scientific journal BMJ Nutrition Prevention & Health investigated the association between diet and Covid-19 symptoms. The study tracked 2,884 healthcare workers from 6 countries and explored both symptom severity and length.

Study participants who reported following a plant-based diet had a 73% lower chance of  ‘moderate-to-severe’ symptoms from Covid-19, and those who reported following a pescatarian diet had a 59% lower chance of ‘moderate-to-severe’ symptoms compared to those who did not follow these diets.

Covid-19 & Diet

Participants who reported following low-carbohydrate, high protein diets like paleo or keto (which are typically based on animal protein) were nearly 4 times more likely to experience a moderate-to-severe form of Covid-19 compared to those who followed a plant-based diet.

Although more of us are becoming vaccinated, we should continue to put a high amount of importance on our diets and how our diet affects, not only our overall health, but also our risk of severe symptoms from Covid-19. Some of the major risk factors for Covid-19 fatalities are heart disease, diabetes and cancer, all of which have been shown to have a high correlation to our diets, specifically to the consumption of animal protein.

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