Petition! Make KFC’s Plant-Based Menu Permanent

Last month, KFC Thailand launched a 100% Plant-Based menu using Meat Zero’s vegan popcorn chicken. Unfortunately, this menu is only available for a limited time (until September 29th), so hurry up and try it if you haven’t already!

One of the fastest ways we can overhaul our food systems to become more sustainable is to encourage existing businesses to shift towards providing plant-based options. We want to show KFC how much demand there is for plant-based food in Thailand and ask them to make this menu permanent and to eventually expand the menu to their other locations! Please CLICK HERE & SIGN THE PETITION!!!

We tasted the 2 plant-based dishes and rated them both a 7.5/10. For a fast-food chain that isn’t used to making plant-based food, we were seriously impressed! This is a fantastic option for KFC customers who want to be kinder and more conscious with their food choices. (*The mashed potato in the meal deal is not vegan).

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