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Plant-Based Food Awards 2021:
🏆 The Winners List 🏆

Plant-Based Food Awards 2021

This year, the Plant-Based Food Awards had almost 20,000 votes across 17 categories! We would like to say a big heart-felt thank you to everyone who voted and to all of the brands who took part this year!

Without further ado, below is the full list of the winning brands from this year’s Plant-Based Food Awards – Congratulations everyone! Click on their name and follow their social media accounts!


Best Plant-Based Restaurant: Vistro

Best Plant-Based Meat: First Pride’s Crispy Nuggets

Best Plant-Based Burger: Golden State Vegan Restaurant’s Seafood Burger

Best Plant-Based Cheese: Butter Me Up

Best Plant-Based Delivery: Kaek Kao Kua

Best Plant-Based Dessert: Flogurt’s Plant-Based Yogurt

Best Plant-Based Ice Cream: Hebe

Best Plant-Based Milk: Goodmate’s oat milk

Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurant: Hummus Heads

Best Plant-Based Ready Meal: Meattoo

Best Plant-Based Seafood: Golden State Vegan Restaurant’s sushi

Best Plant-Based Snack: Balls & Juices’s Fit Balls

Best Plant-Based Thai Dish: Loving Hut’s Hor Mok Curry

Best Plant-Based Cheap Eats: So Vegan

Chiang Mai:

Best Plant-Based Restaurant: Goodsouls Kitchen

Best Plant-Based Meat: Let’s Plant Meat’s Plant-Based Burger Patty

Best Plant-Based Burger: I’m Your Vegan’s Tonkatsu Hangbaga

Best Plant-Based Cheese: Swees Cheese

Best Plant-Based Delivery: Anne’s Pizza/Chicago Deep Dish & More

Best Plant-Based Dessert: The Donut Cafe & Delivery’s Donuts

Best Plant-Based Ice Cream: 7 Senses Gelato’s vegan options

Best Plant-Based Milk: Nature’s Charm’s Condensed Coconut Milk

Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurant: Salsa Kitchen

Best Plant-Based Ready Meal: Ezygo

Best Plant-Based Seafood: I’m Your Vegan’s Crispy Lemon Shrimp

Best Plant-Based Snack: Siamaya’s vegan chocolate

Best Plant-Based Thai Dish: Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant’s Penang Curry

Best Plant-Based Cheap Eats: Samata Plant-Based Life


Best Plant-Based Restaurant: The Vegan Table

Best Plant-Based Meat: Vegan Ready’s Nature’s Nuggets

Best Plant-Based Burger: The Vegan Table’s Chickin’ Hawaiian Burger

Best Plant-Based Cheese: The Vegan Table

Best Plant-Based Delivery: Vegan Junkie

Best Plant-Based Dessert: Vegan Junkie’s Salted Caramel Shake

Best Plant-Based Ice Cream: Torry’s Ice Cream’s vegan options

Best Plant-Based Milk: Goodmate oat milk

Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurant: Levantine – East Mediterranean Cuisine

Best Plant-Based Ready Meal: Vegan Ready

Best Plant-Based Seafood: Vegan Junkie’s Phish & Chips

Best Plant-Based Snack: Cocomoons’ cookies

Best Plant-Based Thai Dish: The Vegan Table’s Tom Yum Tempeh

Best Plant-Based Cheap Eats: Dok Bua Vegetarian Restaurant

Thailand Wide:

Best Vegan-Friendly Hotel: Away Chiang Mai Thapae – A Vegan Retreat

Best Social Media Presence: Golden State Vegan Restaurant

Best Branding: Meat Zero

Don't Miss Out...

This year, we celebrated the closing of the Plant-Based Food awards by hosting a Plant-Based ‘Oscars’ themed LIVE virtual event. We were joined by 4 special guests who helped us announce 10 of the winning brands! Watch the full video on facebook! 

You Can Keep Helping

When you see these stickers around Thailand, please take a picture, tag the restaurant, brand or product and share it on your social media! By doing this, we can continue helping to raise awareness of sustainable food options to increase the demand for plant-based food in Thailand!

Plant-Based Food Award Winner 2021

Thank you!

Without the kind generosity of our sponsors this year, we wouldn’t have been able to bring this project to life.

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If you are interested in sponsoring Root The Future, please contact us (events@rootthefuture.com) and we can share more information on how to get involved!

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