New Vegan Platform ‘Vegan Monkey’ Launches!

Vegan Monkey, a new way to search, explore and shop vegan product options has launched in Bangkok!

With the goal of making a plant-based and vegan lifestyle more attainable in Bangkok and beyond, the founders of Vegan Monkey Viktor Lövgren & João Fernandes launched the platform earlier this year after they themselves realized they needed a platform like this, and wished it existed!

The goal of Vegan Monkey is to simplify plant-based living and to help plant-based businesses gain traction and visibility.

Vegan Monkey features not only restaurants but all kinds of businesses and their vegan products. Looking for the best plant-based sushi in town? Fine-dining options? Best protein powder? Vegan soap? Vegan Monkey has got you covered!

Pranaa Food

Vegan Monkey lets businesses list their menus and products on the website, and they can also choose to open a free online store within the Vegan Monkey Marketplace.

“We want to propel and support all businesses offering plant-based options. On top of the free online shop, a social media creator toolset with AI capabilities is coming up for all business partners later this year to help supercharge their businesses and increase visibility across all platforms.” – Vegan Monkey

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