New Sustainable Sneaker Brand Launches in Thailand

New label MaddyHopper have just launched their sustainable sneakers – handcrafted in Thailand & made for the planet.

MaddyHopper is a Thai-born brand that wants to make better sneakers for people and the planet. Their sneakers are made from sustainable materials such as canvas made from recycled plastic bottles and natural latex.

If you visited our festival you may have spotted the MaddyHopper booth launching their sustainably stylish sneakers!

When we purchased a pair of sneakers at the Root The Future Festival, we were handed the shoes in their biodegradable packaging along with a small bag of soil and some seeds. They informed us that you can use the shoe inserts and the shoe bag to plant the seeds with the soil! (Exclusive special gift for shoes purchased at the festival!)

We asked Maddy Hopper what inspired them to start the business:

“We are a group of friends who started this when we were discussing amongst ourselves where can we buy good sneakers?

One that looks nice and simple. One that actually feels comfortable. And also one that is not overpriced by any logos on it. But the strange thing is it’s very hard to find one. So we think why not do it ourselves? But if we were going to actually create this, we would need to make it the most sustainable business as we can because otherwise why do we need better shoes if it’s going to harm the environment of the people who wear them.

It doesn’t make any sense for us.

We believe that regardless of any products, sustainability should be the standard of doing business as well as the key to make real impact value in the long term. And that is how MaddyHopper started.” 

“Not only is it good for the planet, but it’s also designed to be super comfortable with the extra cushion recycled latex on the insoles. You can wear it all day long for any occasions!” – MaddyHopper

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