New Plant-Based Shrimp Brand Launches In Bangkok

A new plant-based seafood has arrived on the Bangkok vegan scene! Sea Craft Vegan’s Plant-Based shrimp has just launched for pre-order! 

Sea Craft Vegan’s home crafted plant-based shrimp is made from konjac, soy, chickpeas, nutritional yeast and what and are free from MSG and preservatives!

“We are a small bunch of health-conscious pescatarian and flexitarians wanting to become more plant based. We often find ourselves struggling to find meat alternatives which are also good for your health, especially seafood alternatives. But of course commercial seafood fishing and farming is unsustainable, and pushes us to try harder. So we thought why not create something to be enjoyed by both vegans and others like us, so everyone is a step closer towards making better choices.”

The plant-based shrimp are precooked and tossed in sauces; currently available in 2 different sauces: Chilli’n at Sea (Sweet Chilli) and La-La-Lemon Garlic.

During their soft launch you can order via social media, but will be available to buy via other channels very soon! 

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