New Plant-Based Meat Launches In Thailand

Newly launched vegan meat brand Meatly has just introduced its first selection of plant-based products to the Thai market! 

The 100% plant-based meat products by @Mealty are currently available at their partner restaurants across Bangkok and will be launching for retail in mid-May with a number of offline and online platforms.

🌱 Plant-based Katsu
🌱 Plant-based Katsu (vegan) cheese
🌱 Plant-based minced pork

Partnered restaurants currently featuring Meatly’s selection of new planet-friendly, vegan meats include Plantiful, Babyccino Bangkok and Bangkok Trading Post.

*Please note, that not all of their partnered restaurants feature the product in vegan dishes. (The 3 restaurants listed above all have vegan options available though).

Meatly will be hosting an event from 13-15th May at Emquartier where you can taste the plant-based meat in a selection of dishes! There will be a Vegan Happy Hour(s) on Sat 14 May 15.30-19.30 and all the vegan friendly menu will be 15% off. 

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    1. You should be able to pick up the Meatly products from Central Food Hall, Gourmet Market, Tops and the Betagro Deli
      Online 🙂 Let us know what you think!

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