New Plant-Based Meat Brand Launches In Thailand

Absolute Plant is the newest plant-based meat brand to join the fast growing plant-based meat market here in Thailand.

Absolute Plant has a big selection of plant-based products including Pork Burgers, Shrimp Cakes, Gyoza and Bacon!

We tried the Pork Burger, Crispy Pork, Minced Pork With Wolffia and Crab Meat Rolls. The burger was delicious, had a great meaty texture and cooked easily in a pan.

The Plant-Based Pork mince contains Wolffia which means it also contains vitamin B12! 

We LOVE the live ticker on Absolute Plant’s website showing how many animals have been saved from people buying their products!

Prices range from 69 baht to 149 baht. 

The Absolute Plant products are now available to order via line or social media. #NotSponsored

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