NEW! Plant-Based Hot-Spot Opens On Sukhumvit!

Alt Eatery is the newest addition to Thailand’s thriving plant-based scene!…. But wait! It’s not just a cafe…!

Alt Eatery located on the corner of Sukhumvit road and Sukhumvit 51, is the home to ⬇️

🛒 A plant-based mini-mart full of snacks, plant meat products, takeaway food and drinks
🍔 A plant-based cafe with an affordable plant-based menu bursting with vegan innovation
🚙 A drive-through where you can order vegan chicken nuggets, a chocolate donut or even an oat milk latte without even getting out of your car
🎤🎉 An outdoor event space

Alt Eatery

Alt Eatery‘s cafe is offering plant-based innovation in the form of chicken, burgers (with plalnt-based cheese), donuts and lattes at, arguably, the most affordable prices in Thailand. 

We tasted every single dish on the menu and loved every dish. This EPIC plant-based food will satisfy even the biggest meat lovers!

Alt Eatery

The Unji donuts, Korean chicken, the sweet corn nuggets, chicken waffles (anything with the chicken in it) and the UFO burgers were all stand out dishes for us.

The plant-based meat is indistinguishable from the real thing and we’re pretty sure if you brought someone to eat here without telling them that all the food is plant-based, they definitely would not notice!

Alt Eatery

With the vibrant colours, slick design and the smell of (plant-based) fried chicken and donuts wafting from the front doors, we anticipate that Alt Eatery is going to be the Bangkok’s next hot spot!

Alt Eatery is hosting a launch event this weekend (May 20-21) so don’t miss it! See you there!

*Please note, although most of the products in the mini-mart are vegan, a few products contain milk and honey, so be sure to check before you buy. @Alt.Eatery plant to make it plant-based in the next few weeks!

Alt Eatery
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