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New Documentary Highlights Link Between Animal Agriculture & Environmental Destruction

This new must-watch documentary Eating Our Way To Extinction highlights the link between animal agriculture & environmental destruction, encouraging viewers to switch to a plant-based diet to help fight climate change.

This powerful feature documentary, narrated and produced by academy award winner Kate Winslet, urges viewers to look at their own daily habits, raising questions about the true cost of our food; reminding us that with every bite, we choose the future of our planet.

“This is the film future generations will be wishing everyone watched today”
– Leonardo Dicaprio

Think ‘Blue Planet’ that tells the truth about what is really destroying our planet. This hard hitting and visually stunning experience is screening in selected cinemas on September 16th and will be available for streaming soon. 

For fans of The Game Changers, Racing Extinction and The Inconvenient Truth this is the next must-watch documentary for anyone interested in the future of our planet, and for those who want to gain a further understanding of the true cost of what we eat.

“We cannot deny the destruction of our planet any longer. The damage is clear and we have nowhere else to go! It is time to face the truth, however uncomfortable that may be – we are on borrowed time.”
– Eating Our Way To Extinction
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