Mos Burger Launch Healthy Plant-Based Burgers In Thailand

…and OMG they are delicious!

Mos Burger’s newly launched chickpea series features 2 vegan options which include a chickpea patty and vegan mayo!

Mos Burger plant-based

The Vegan Options Are:

The Chickpea Rice Burger:

Mos Burger

The Chickpea Lettuce Burger

Mos Burger Chickpea

Although it’s a shame there is no vegan option with a bread bun, these burgers taste so delicious even without a bun. The rice burger was our favourite and almost tastes almost like a poke bowl in burger form! Super fresh, light, healthy and delicious. 

The lettuce burger is a little bit tricky to handle so be prepared to get a little messy or to use cutlery. The chickpea series launched in late June and we have been told it is a PERMANENT menu that is available at all branches!!!

Mos Burger Chickpea Series
Mos Burger Chickpea Series

It’s so exciting to see such a global food chain embracing healthy plant-based options with a clear understanding of what ‘vegan’ means! The fact that the bread bun wasn’t available vegan is a shame, but it’s also a good sign that they understood that no animal products should be present in the vegan menu. 

*Lemon Iced Tea was the perfect drink for this lunch!

Mos Burger Launch Vegan Burgers
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