“Meat Zero” Supply Vegan Fried Chicken To KFC Thailand

We don’t know about you, but we constantly find ourselves lusting after new vegan fast food launches from around the world. But when you look at the fine print, it is usually *only sold in the USA* or *only available in Germany”. Well the time has finally come! Thailand can finally join in on the excitement! Yesterday KFC Thailand began using Meat Zero’s vegan chicken for 6 of their new dishes at 2 of their green stores! 

Although it is still unclear if the final dishes at KFC will be plant-based/vegan, the ‘plant-based popcorn chicken’ product being supplied by Meat Zero is 100% vegan, (unlike their chicken nuggets currently being sold in supermarkets which are vegetarian). 

Vegan KFC Thailand

Ms. Waewkanee Assoratgoon, general manager of KFC for Yum Restaurants International (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said that the demand for plant-based diets has been on the rise in several countries including Thailand, posing challenges to food companies including KFC in presenting alternative plant-based dishes for Thai consumers.

Experimentations showed that Thailand’s “Meat Zero”-branded plant-based chicken offers the look, taste, texture and smell of real meat. Cooked with KFC recipes for the Thai market, the plant-based chicken promises that KFC taste that everyone has been enjoying for years.

“Opting for Meat Zero as the material for our plant-based Chicken Pop and spicy rice bowl with plant-based Chicken Pop menus, we can create very delicious products. Consumers will barely notice that the chicken they are eating is made from plants. Whenever they want to skip real meat, they can come to us and they will still enjoy the familiar delicacy. Part of KFC’s green concept, the special menus will be initially served at both of our KFC Green Stores,” Ms. Waewkanee said.

Vegan KFC Thailand

Starting from today, consumers are invited to show their environmental concerns and taste the Plant-based Chicken Pop and spicy rice bowl with plant-based Chicken Pop menus at KFC Green stores, at Saengsom Building and Wanachai Depot Chachoengsao. The green stores are now serving 6 sets: 

1) 7 pieces of Plant- Based Chicken Pop for 49 baht
2) plant-based Zabb Rice Bowl for 75 baht
3) Chick N’ Share plant-based Pop for 119 baht
4) Combo plant-based Pop for 79 baht
5) Combo plant-based Zabb Rice Bowl for 119 baht and
6) The box plant-based at 179 baht.

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