Meat Zero Bologna & Burger Now 100% Plant-Based!

Meat Zero have made the decision to remove egg whites from both their bologna and burger products. The bologna is now available to buy 100% plant-based, whilst the burger has been delisted and will be re-launched as a 100% plant-based product next month!

Meat Zero will also be launching their 100% plant-based popcorn chicken product soon.

“Due to a lot of demands from the vegan group including health-conscious customers and existing customers who want to reduce the sodium level in the product, we decided to adjust the formula. The new formula is made vegan and has less sodium. In addition, we also want to expand our consumer base to Islamic groups by adding Halal certification.”  Meat Zero told Root The Future.

Meat Zero told us that they have lots of new product launches coming in January, February and March this year. 

The only remaining Meat Zero product that is not 100% plant-based is the chicken nugget.

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