Meat-Free Menu Served for World Leaders at G7 Summit

The catering at the G7 summit held in Germany last weekend was completely meat-free (vegan and vegetarian), with fish and meat only available upon request. 

This drive from the German Government shows just how important sustainability is to Germany.

“The focus will be on seasonal and creative vegan and vegetarian foods,” the German government said. “Meat and fish are deliberately considered only as ‘add-ons’.”

This is a stark difference when compared to COP26 where meat was both served up and ignored as an environmental factor in almost all discussions.

G7 Summit plant based

Leaders of the G7 countries -Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States- met on Sunday in Bavaria. On Saturday, 1,500 people demonstrated with signs and banners criticizing the government’s inaction on climate protection.

“The head of states of the G7 countries are the world’s biggest contributors to the climate crisis but don’t do enough to fulfill their responsibility to avert the looming climate catastrophe,” Charlotte Becker, campaign manager at Oxfam, a charity fighting poverty, said.

“We, therefore, demand that G7 will pledge more support for climate protection, to stop the use of coal until 2030 and to support financially weaker countries with climate protection,” she added.

Source: The Animal Reader

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