Meat Ads To Be Banned In Dutch City By 2024

A Glimpse Into The Future?

In a landmark move, the Dutch city Haarlem, will be the first ever to ban all meat advertisements from public spaces!

The ban comes after the city voiced concerns about a number of industries that contribute the most to greenhouse gas emissions. With the meat industry contributing to 1/3 of the worlds greenhouse gas emissions, as well as being the leading cause of deforestation and ocean dead-zones, the city decided that it was necessary to ban meat adverts, as a solution to reduce meat consumption.
The ban also covers advertisements promoting flying, and cars that run primarily on fossil fuels. To reach the EU target of net-zero emissions by 2050, Haarlem is taking a bold step forward; we truly hope that this city of 160,000 people, will inspire other cities to take action to battle climate change.

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