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Lab-Grown Meat Approved For Sale For The First Time Ever​

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1 min read

Eat Just, the company well known for their plant-based egg product, Just Egg, has had their animal-free, lab grown chicken approved for sale by Singapore’s Food Agency. This is the first country in the world to approve lab grown meat for sale. 

In the early days of lab grown meat innovation, an affordable price point seemed to be out of reach for the foreseeable future, with single lab grown steaks and nuggets costing thousands of dollars. Today, Eat Just says that the lab grown chicken nuggets will be sold at “price parity for premium chicken you’d enjoy at a restaurant.”

This is a huge step for our planet and an even bigger step for the animals. 

Just Eat Lab grown chicken

Photo Credit: Hampton Creek/Just Eat

What do you think of lab grown meat? Would you eat it?

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