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Kim Kardashian Announced As Beyond Meat’s ‘Chief Taste Consultant’

One of the most visible celebrities in the world, is now officially promoting Beyond Meat’s mission by stepping up as their ‘Chief Taste Consultant’.

Beyond Meat’s new video campaign was shared to @KimKardashian’s 314 million followers this week, showing the star tucking into Beyond Meat burgers and tacos. 

“I believe so much in the mission of Beyond Meat that I’ve stepped in to help with my greatest asset,” Kardashian says in the video, “My taste.”

Kardashian wrote in the description “I’m so inspired by @beyondmeat’s mission and excited to share their delicious plant-based products with all of you as their Chief Taste Consultant,“.

Earlier this week Just Egg also launched a star studded video campaign featuring Hollywood actor Jake Gylengal and tennis legend Serena Williams, both shown promoting the health benefits of plant-based food. 

Jake Gylenhall is shown tucking into a plate of scrambled Just Egg while the video narrates that he is “Crushing plant-based protein to stay in superstar shape”. 

Meanwhile Serena Williams’ narrator says; “Her eggs are made from plants — cause she has nutritionists, scientists (and) trainers” “curating her protein intake so she stays fueled for superhuman performance.”

With more Hollywood mega stars supporting plant-based food everyday, sustainable food options are getting more exposure than ever.

More exposure means more awareness, more demand and eventually more accessibility and affordability. The future of plant-based food has never looked brighter. 

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