Kerry Express Trial Electric Motorcycles

Kerry Express have just announced their “Grow Green Programme” which will introduce a fleet of electric motorcycles for deliveries. 

The EV motorcycles will trial for 4 months to assess and compare the energy and cost efficiency of the motorcycles and the feasibility of implementing more EV motorcycles into a long term plan for Kerry Express. 

Kerry Express EV
Kerry Express EV

“Driving mileage, battery charging and cost of vehicle used to be the bottleneck of EV, and that’s why people did not see electronic trucks or bikes getting very much welcomed by the delivery industry,“ said Alex Ng, CEO of Kerry Express (Thailand) Public Company Limited, “but things are changing, with the new solutions and technologies the new vehicles appear to work environmentally and economically.“

 “It’s only a beginning. As one of the industry’s biggest employers and innovators, we feel our obligation to do things to the country and the environment, so we can be rest assured that the children of our employees and our fellow citizens can have a cleaner and more sustainable future.”

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