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Join Us To Plant 4,000 Mangroves On December 4th! Free vegan food included!

On December 4th 2022, Wildlife Conservation Day, in partnership with our friend Alexander Lang, we will be planting for the future! We will plant 4,000 mangroves for wildlife conservation, carbon sequestration and to raise awareness about climate change!

…and you can join us!!! The entry fee is only 500 baht (not-for-profit), which includes transport from Ekkamai, the mangrove seedlings and a plant-based lunch on site! (​​Water-skiing and feeding monkeys is possible on site!). Click here to join the facebook event page.


We want to create positive news to inspire in times where there is so much overwhelming climate news that can make us feel helpless.

Celebrity change makers who will join to plant the mangroves include; Maria Poonlertlarp & Baitong Jareerat

Free plant-based food will be available from these amazing sponsors:
Meat Avatar
More Meat
Let’s Plant Meat

Why mangroves instead of trees?

Mangroves sequester 2 to 4 times more carbon than mature tropical forests!
This removes around 1 metric ton of CO2 in a typical 12 months after time of planting.
They provide habitat to marine & land animals and help to protect the coast of Thailand against erosion and floods.

We will plant seedlings from the Rhizophora Mucronata tree which is native to this region and the planting site. The seeds are taken from the trees on site and pre-grown in a tree nursery. Approximately 80% of the trees being seeded will survive permanently!


Special thanks to the amazing supporting sponsors!
5000 – Aparna Sharma
5000 – Kaimug restaurants from Germany
3300 – Earthling Cafe (+ food)
2000 – Laika Pet Food
2000 – Three Goats Brewery

For more information, go to the facebook event page or contacct Alexander Lang
Phone: +66 (0) 62 064 6403
WhatsApp: +49 170 320 9623

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