J Festival 2023! Top 5 Events To Visit 

It’s that time of year again! Where millions of people across the country eat J (vegan) food for 9 days in celebration of the almost 200-year-old vegetarian festival!  

Prepare your pintos, bamboo spoons and keep cups!

During this time, it’s almost impossible not to notice all the J flags, the markets and the J menus being launched all over the country. But in case you don’t have a spare 9 full days to constantly eat your way across Thailand, we’ve narrowed it down to our top 5 events and markets to visit this J festival! 

In partnership with Tourist Authority Thailand, Starving Time have launched a J festival event with a modern twist! Bringing together both traditional and popular modern restaurants and shops, Amazing J Fest will boast more than 100 vendors with hundreds of Jay dishes and snacks to try!

Amazing J fest 2023

The event will have activities including Chinese Warrior drum parades, Chinese contemporary dance and an opening performance from T-Pop girl group ‘Triads’. 

The Amazing J Fest will take place in ‘The Next Soho Of Thailand’ – Suan Luang square. The event will run from 15-23 October, 11:00-21:00.

💛 “Amazing J Fest”
📍 Suan Luang Square
📍 Location pin – https://goo.gl/maps/P83mjoYzrwgMVoe19
🗓️ 15-23 October 2023
🕐 11:00-21:00

Amazing J fest 2023

Yaowarat Road

One of Thailand’s most popular events to visit during J Festival is the Yaowarat road market.

Perhaps the oldest vegetarian festival event, Yaowarat road vegetarian festival may also be the biggest. You won’t be able to miss the huge yellow and red flags strewn across Yaowarat Road where there are parades and markets throughout the 9 days with more than 100 stalls selling mostly traditional J food, as well as a handful of western dishes and J product stalls.

💛 Yaowarat Road Market
📍 Yaowarat Road – https://goo.gl/maps/VBNG5pgvs5r1Ydgf8
🗓️ 15-23 October 2023
🕐 12:00-23:00

J Festival 2022 Yaowarat
Yaowarat Road

Central World - J Thailand Food Festival 2023

Central World will be hosting a vegetarian festival market in almost all of their mall outlets this year, with the biggest market usually being held at Central World – their flagship mall. (Full list below).

J Thailand Food Festival will have ‘a collection of vegetarian lifestyles for every generation’, with more than 5,000 J dishes to choose from.

vegetarian festival

Central mall’s food court ‘Central Food Park’ will also feature a ‘Plant-Based Canteen’ this year for the first time!

💛 J Thailand Food Festival
📍 Central World – https://goo.gl/maps/yPFeqi9HHbGXmj8Y9
📍 (and all Central Malls)
🗓️ 12-23 October 2023
🕐 10:00-22:00

Central World Vegetarian Festival

Phuket Town Vegetarian Festival

Phuket town is the origin city of the vegetarian festival and is well known for its vibrant vegetarian festival activities and events!

vegetarian festival

With many shrines to visit and parades to watch (some more shocking than others!), Phuket also offers a large J food street market on Ranong Road (Near Jui Tui Shrine). However, be on the look out for J food street markets all over Phuket!

💛 Phuket Town Vegetarian Festival
📍 Ranong Road (Near Jui Tui Shrine) – https://goo.gl/maps/k7wz3F5NHpxcA5ya6
🗓️ 15-23 October 2023

vegetarian festival Phuket

Vtopia Bangkok Plant-Based Fair

Although not specifically for the J festival, Bangkok Plant-Based Fair is a 100% vegan market (with a tonne of J options), that will be running from 13-15 October in the lead up to the J festival, (as well as the first day), so it’s a great place to cleanse your stomach ready for the 9 day festival!

Hosted at Emquartier’s Quartier Avenue, Bangkok Plant-Based fair will have 43 vendors selling vegan dishes, snacks, desserts and products, as well as cooking demonstrations, talks and fitness activities.

💛 Vtopia Plant-Based Fair
📍 Emquartier – https://goo.gl/maps/vfPpVjBNaoc6rKHG6
🗓️ 13-15 October 2023
🕐 10:00-22:00

vegetarian festival
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