Where To Go This Vegetarian (Jay) Festival 2022

It’s that time of year again where the whole of Thailand suddenly becomes the most vegan friendly place in the world! This year the Vegetarian Festival (Jay Festival) runs from September 25th – October 5th and there are plenty of Jay menus (see our full Jay menus list here) and festivities to explore during this time! First up, Yaowarat! 

Yaowarat / Chinatown

After being closed last year, Yaowarat vegetarian festival has reopened this year for Jay Festivities. Yaowarat is one of the most festive places to visit during the vegetarian festival and where you will see most activities happening including parades, temple ceremonies and of course a lot of amazing vegan food! 

Jay Festival 2021
J Festival 2022 Yaowarat
J Festival 2022 Yaowarat

Mall Markets

Although most malls across Thailand will have some sort of J Festival feature or pop-up, these malls seem to have the biggest markets and festivities!

Icon Siam (Sook Siam)

J Festival 2022 Sook Siam
J Festival 2022 Sook Siam

Central World

J Festival 2022 Central World
J Festival 2022 Central World


Although most supermarkets have Jay sections or at least Jay labels during this time of year, there are a few supermarkets that go all out with huge Jay sections stocked with everything from fresh produce to ready meals to vegan donuts!

Central Food Hall

J Festival 2022 Central Food Hall


J Festival 2022 Lotus's


J Festival 2022 Tops


J Festival 2022 Seven

Gourmet Market

J Festival 2022 Gourmet
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