IKEA Opens Circular Shop & Recycling Centre In Thailand

IKEA recently launched a circular shop and recycling centre in their Bang Yai store.

What is a circular shop?

1. You can take your old IKEA furniture back to the store and they will buy it from you! (If your items aren’t accepted, you can ask IKEA to donate it to a local charity)
2. You can buy cheaper, well renovated second-hand furniture.
3. You can drop off your recycling and earn IKEA Family Points (which entitles you to freebies, discounts and other promotions)

Why is this initiative great for the planet?

Similar to fast fashion, fast furniture is also an environmental disaster. More than 9 million tons of wood, metal, glass, fabric, leather, and foam waste ends up in a landfill, from the US alone.

We’re all aware that recycling can be very tricky in Thailand, sometimes meaning you have to visit multiple locations to drop off different types of recycling. This is a great one-stop shop to drop all your recycling and perhaps pick up a pre-loved item at the same time.

What can I recycle?

Clean recycling includes:

Frustratingly, IKEA’s Bang Yai location is quite far out of Bangkok city centre, but hopefully, IKEA has plans to implement this circular shop in their Bang Na location too…!
Recycling Centre IKEA

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