Iceland To Ban Commercial Whaling By 2024

Iceland is one of only 3 countries in the world that still allows commercial whaling… but from 2024 this will end. 

From 2024 Iceland will ban all commercial whaling and Japan and Norway will be the only remaining countries in the world that allow commercial whaling. 

Whaling Ban Iceland

Before 2019, Japan was a major market for Icelandic whale meat, but since Japan resumed its commercial whaling in 2019 (😢), whaling is no longer economically viable for Iceland. 

It’s a shame that this decision has been made based on economic concerns, rather than environmental concerns, but it’s a win nonetheless!

We are crossing our fingers that if Japan decides to ban whaling again in the future, that Iceland will not resume it’s commercial whaling to cater to the Japanese market.

Want to learn more about how fishing is damaging the planet? Click here to watch Seaspiracy.

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