Hermès To Launch Mushroom Leather Bags

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Hermès, one of the world’s most well-known luxury, leather bag labels has joined forces with MycoWorks to create a mushroom leather bag that meets the same standards as Hermès leather.

Over the 3 year collaboration, Hermès and MycoWorks developed a new fabric made with Fine Mycelium (mushrooms!). The patented technology called Sylvania, enhances mycelium as it grows.

Hermes mushroom leather
Image : @madewithreishi instagram

The Fine Mycelium leather is then tanned and finished in France by the Hermès tanners to further refine its strength and durability, and shaped in the workshops by the Hermès craftspeople.

Matt Scullin, MycoWorks CEO, says:

“We could not imagine a better partner than Hermès to present our first object made of Fine Mycelium. Hermès and MycoWorks share common values of craftsmanship, quality, innovation, and patience.”

Mushroom leather
Image : @madewithreishi instagram

“Sylvania represents how nature and biotechnology can work in concert to create a material with the highest standards of quality.”

The future of cruelty-free and sustainable fashion looks luxurious. 

Source : https://www.mycoworks.com/introducing-sylvania-by-hermes
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