Get Ready For Thailand’s First Vegan Food Challenge!

Canes Casual Dining invites you to try this epic VEGAN BOAT NOODLE CHALLENGE!

Prepare to conquer this MONSTROUS 2.7kg bowl of mouth-watering vegan boat noodles, topped with 3 vegan egg yolks, a mountain of succulent braised split-gill mushrooms, spiced sliced king oysters mushrooms, handpicked morning glory stems, deep-fried garlic, peanuts and crackling from mushrooms and soybean, on a huge bed of fresh large flat rice noodles. Finish it all within 45 thrilling minutes, and the noodle extravaganza is on Canes!

But beware, if you can’t tame this noodle beast, you’ll have to part with 850 THB!

And for those with an insatiable appetite, the dish also includes unlimited vegan pork rinds. Let the eating commence! 

* The challenge dish takes about 30 minutes to prepare, so it is recommended to call and order in advance. *

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