Generasi: Jakarta’s Plant-Based Milk Festival!

Considering that 90% of Asians are lactose intolerant, now is the perfect time to ditch dairy!

To provide more lactose & dairy-free options for Indonesia, Jakarta Vegan Guide is organising the ‘Generation Dairy-Free Festival’, the first solely dairy-free / plant-based milk festival in Asia, that showcases a variety of vegan food, beverages and health products! Located at Tribeca Plaza, Central Park Mall in Jakarta, the festival will take place from Thursday, September 22, 2022 until Sunday, September 25, 2022.

In addition to a dairy-free marketplace, the ‘Generation Dairy-Free Festival’ will also present a series of talk shows, workshops, cooking demos as well as Alternative Milk Latte Art Competition (AMLAC), the first-ever event of its kind in Indonesia, wherein baristas will be challenged to create a delectable cup of latte using vegan milk brands by MilklabcoOatly, Orasi_id and Vsoyworldindonesia. Meanwhile, Restu Sadam Hasan, Edo Huang and Azi Kardian will be joining the AMLAC judging panel.

“In addition to AMLAC, the ‘Generation Dairy-Free Festival’ will also hold an Alternative Milk Coffee Experience, or AMCE, to celebrate the rise of the plant-based milk industry and veganism in Indonesia… As coffee culture continues to be all the rage in Indonesia, AMLAC and AMCE aim to invite coffee chains from across the country to serve coffee, snacks and light bites that are entirely plant-based, considering that around 66% of Indonesia’s population is lactose intolerant.”

– Jakarta Vegan Guide co-founder Chandra Revo

For more on Generasi Dairy-Free Festival, visit Generation Dairy-Free on Instagram.

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