Who is Root The Future?

Root The Future’s mission is to raise awareness around plant-based food and sustainability, and to encourage growth in the plant-based industry. We believe that shifting consumer behaviour to focus more on local, plant-based foods is an important step towards a more sustainable world.

The project was launched when Covid-19 was in full-force. Covid-19 shut down industrial practices, closed national parks and forced businesses to close worldwide. Most importantly, it showed us the fragility of our world and climate, and how particular food industries impact it. We wanted to shed some light on how we can use this time as a ‘mass reset’. Whilst companies are re-establishing their new normal, we want to be a force of change.

We hope to fulfil this mission in 3 ways: educating, advocating and entertaining!

What is Plant-based?

Plant-based foods don’t contain any animal products. Food that is free from meat, fish, milk, eggs and dairy. These foods have a significantly lower environmental impact than animal based foods.

What are The Plant-Based Food Awards?

The Root The Future Plant-Based Food Awards is a campaign that aims to support and celebrate plant-based food in Thailand. The award cities are Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket.

We want to encourage plant-based restaurants and businesses (as well as those who have plant-based options) and help promote them to the nation! The plant-based food awards aims to showcase the best of the best of plant-based food in Thailand. To show that plant-based food is delicious and abundant!

Voting for the Root The Future Plant-Based Food Awards opens on August 30th and closes on October 4th. The winners from all 3 cities will be announced in a full page spread in the Bangkok Post newspaper on October 16th! We will also be hosting a very special event the day after to celebrate! 

This project is non-profit, so it is free for anyone to vote or take part!

Why now?

Many people participating in the jay festival often don’t look forward to it because they aren’t sure where to eat and often end up eating unexciting food for the entire 10 days.

Not only will the plant-based food awards give the plant-based industry a great boost, but the list of winners will act as a pull out guide from the Bangkok Post newspaper to help those participating in the Jay Festival to find great food! Showing the jay participants that plant-based food is delicious and available all year round, may also encourage people to eat plant-based foods more often.

Why should I Vote?

Switching to a plant-based diet is the single biggest act you can take to reduce your environmental impact.

By voting for your favourite restaurant, dish, dessert or even burger, you will be voting for change. You will be voting for a more sustainable food system in Thailand and a more sustainable world. Together we can show the world that sustainable food is delicious and abundant throughout Thailand.

We are also selecting 5 lucky voters who will each win a 5000thb voucher for the winning restaurant! It’s a win win!

What’s next?

Voting closes on the 4th of October and the winners will be announced on the 16th of October on a full spread on page 7 in the Bangkok Post newspaper. To celebrate we will be hosting our next project on the 17th & 18th to coincide with the winners announcement! So stay tuned… we have lots of very exciting projects coming up!

What are the categories?

There are 10 awards categories to choose from (listed below).

You can vote for 1, a few or all categories. You can only vote once per category, per city.

  • 1. Best Plant-Based Restaurant (Main award – must be 100% plant-based restaurant)
  • 2. Best Overall Dish (from vegan or non vegan business)
  • 3. Best Thai dish (from a vegan or non-vegan business)
  • 4. Best burger (from a vegan or non-vegan business)
  • 5. Best dessert (from a vegan or non-vegan business)
  • 6. Best Plant Meat 
  • 7. Best Plant Milk
  • 8. Best Convenience Store Snack
  • 9. Best Food Court for Plant-Based food
  • 10. Best Jay Food Seller

How can I Vote?

To vote you have 3 options! (It’s free!)

You can:

  1. Go to www.rootthefuture.com/awards and vote
  2. Go into your favourite plant-based restaurant or restaurant that has plant-based options and look for the Root The Future Plant-Based Food awards QR code stand on tables. Scan the QR code and vote!
  3. Or you can order from your favourite restaurant or business. If they are plant-based, or have plant-based options they should have a delivery QR code for the awards that you can scan at home!

How can I nominate my restaurant or business?

If you have plant-based options, people may already be voting for you!

If you would like Plant-Based Food Awards QR code table stands or delivery leaflets for your restaurant or business please contact us at max@rootthefuture.com and we will send them to you free of charge!

Alternatively, if you would like to print your own you, go to our instagram @rootthefuture and a downloadable version will be linked in our bio.

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