Demand For Plant-Based Skyrockets In Asia Amid Covid

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As Covid-19 continues to bring life to a stand still in many countries around the world, there is one part of our ‘new normal’ that may actually be change for the better.

In Asia, the demand for plant-based meat has seen a significant upswing in sales and popularity in the last few months.

  • Thai company MoreMeat reported sales for the first quarter of the year 5 times higher than projected.
  • OmniPork’s retail sales leapt up by 120% in April.
  • Japanese Soy meat producer Marukome saw sales 96% above target for the month of May.
  • Japanese chain Mos Burgers, who only launched their plant-based ‘green burger’ in April, is already expanding the plant-based offering to more of their locations across Asia.
  • In June KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Starbucks noticed this plant-based trend and started offering Beyond Meat in their locations throughout China.
Photo Credit : Mos Burgers

Due to the spread of information about zoonotic viruses originating in meat markets and farms, along with the high numbers of infections and deaths from those working in meat factories, many people are beginning to question the health risks and food safety of animal based foods and their production.

“More consumers have interest in alternative meat after the coronavirus outbreak as they increasingly see concerns over food safety,” Seiichi Kizuki, a research director at the Mitsubishi Research Institute told Nikkei Asian Review.

Many people now think of 2020 as the year of disaster, but the coronavirus has created an opportunity for substantial and rapid growth in the plant-based industry.This could be one of the biggest steps towards environmental sustainability since the turn of the century.

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