'Dole' To Replace Plastic With Banana Skins
It’s not often that a corporate responsibility & sustainability report makes us (or anyone in the entire world) smile. But this one, did not only that, it also filled us with hope, showing us that big corporations around the world are really beginning to take our future seriously. Dole seems to be planting seeds of both banana trees and sustainability. They are dropping down roots for the future.

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Researchers Turn Durian Skin Into Sustainable Energy Storage
It’s that time of year again, when that pungent, but the delicious smell can be found on almost every street corner. If you are like me, then you are now probably daydreaming about those creamy, juicy, sweet little lobes of wonder that you find inside the spiky exterior. But, if you haven’t yet fallen for durian, then you are probably starting to feel a little nauseous after the mention of this intrusively stinky fruit.

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