Bangkok’s First 100% Plant-Based Indian Fusion Restaurant Opens

From tomorrow Bangkok will have yet another plant-based restaurant to enjoy! We are truly spoiled for choice!

On September 1st, Bangkok’s first vegan, Indian fusion restaurant will open! We had the chance to sample @munchboxbkk_by_nidhi_’s unique fusion menu last week.

With the help of their chief menu director, (the son of the family), the lovely family who runs @munchboxbkk_by_nidhi_ have put together a fantastic fusion menu with the use of plant-based meats, cheeses and whole food meat substitutes like jackfruit.

Our favourite dishes include the jackfruit biryani with cashew yoghurt, the mushroom burger, the meatball sub and the tandoori nachos. We tried a total of 19 dishes and were impressed with the unique vegan fusion of Indian and international cuisines. 

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